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Rage R/C

Vintage Stick X4 Micro RFT Airplane with PASS - for S-Type Transmitter

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With the new Rage RC Vintage Stick X4, X stands for X-treme. With the addition of ailerons for 4-channel control and two 7mm coreless motors providing outstanding thrust, the X4 is an aerobatic sport flyer that's capable of flying nearly any stunt that comes to mind. Even better, the ultralight wing load from the original stick design gives this new version a wide flight performance envelope that's capable of maneuvers from lazy figure 8's to loops, spins, barrel rolls, and inverted flight! The lightweight (54g with battery) construction and high capacity 400mAh flight battery combine to not only deliver plenty of power for aerobatics, but flight times of up to 10 minutes. This classic-looking aircraft includes the Rage RC PASS system so that the capabilities of the airplane grow as your flying skills increase.

This RFT (Ready-for-Transmitter) version of the Vintage Stick X4 features a factory-applied vintage WWI-style trim scheme in hi-vis red with most everything required to fly in the box; including a 400mAh 35C 1s LiPo flight battery and USB charger. The only additional item required for this RFT version is a compatible S-brand transmitter.. Your new X4 will have you flying any maneuver you wish at your local park or gymnasium within minutes of opening the box!

Key Features:
  • Ultralight wing loading
  • Aileron, Rudder, Elevator and Throttle Control.
  • Compact 440mm wingspan allows for easy transportation and storage.
  • Durable yet lightweight carbon fiber fuselage and frame.
  • 2.4GHz Onboard Control System with integrated servos, receiver, and ESC
  • Includes 400mAh Lipo battery for flight times up to 10 minutes.


  • Wingspan: 17 1/4" (440mm)
  • Length: 14 3/4" (374.7mm)
  • Wing Area: 75 (4.84 dm/sq)
  • Weight with Battery: 1.9 oz. (54g)
  • Battery: 1S 3.7v 400mAh 35C LiPo
  • Motors: 7mm Coreless (2)
  • On-Board Electronics: Combo RX/ESC with integrated servos and 2.5g aileron servo
  • PASS flight assist software

Required to Complete:

  • S-Brand Transmitter
Vintage Stick X4 Micro RFT Airplane with PASS - for S-Type Transmitter
  • $99.99